Only One

Only one run in this week.

Last wednesday I got my 5 k run in and it went fairly well. I ran much better than my last run.

I haven’t been able to get another run in this week as I spent several days with my sister as she moved out of her family home, the only home her kids have known for the last 13 years. She and her husband have separated and she, her four kids and two bunnies have moved into a lovely townhouse just two blocks away.  It was a lot of work.

Even though she had garage sales and given things away, there still was a lot of stuff to move and to find places for in a smaller house.  Moving day started at 12 noon when she got the keys to her new place and didnt stop until 1am. I could barely move the next day. On saturday, I was back at her place for three days, helping  to sort, organize and paint rooms so her kids can feel settled as quickly as is possible.  I suppose working from sun up to sun down in 30 degree heat sweating buckets was enough of a workout to make up for not running. We had great intentions of going for a trail hike, but that never worked out.  Today I was back again helping to build closet organizers and clean up her yard.

I had hoped to get more running in this week, but I am exhausted.  moving is exhausting and so is watching your sister and her children go through a very difficult transition. I honestly don’t know how she’s  keeping it all together.

Next week will find us all on vacation together. My family, my sister and her kids, my brother and his family and our mom. We all are looking forward to this so very much, and my sister most of all could use a week of doing nothing.  To just sit on the beach with her children and all that love her, to help her rejuvinate before going back home to more unpacking and the chaos of back to school prepations.

My run will just have to wait until I get back.



I’m struggling. Struggling with motivation to get out and run, struggling to actually be able to run. 

Monday I only did a 4k run after about a week off of running.  My week was busy helping my sister as she needed me. We did get out for a nice trail walk though.  Monday I was looking for any excuse to not run, even told my friend how unmotivated I am.  She promptly texted me back “Just remember why you started”  and that was enough for me to get my butt in gear and get out there.  It wasnt an easy run. I felt so out of breath and decided that I wouldnt do a 5k route but shorten it to 4k.  

Today, I struggled completely.  I just couldn’t run very long at all and ended up walking most of my 5k route.  I still feel out of breath, just can’t seem to keep going.  My shins are starting to feel sore despite my diligence in stretching post runs.  It seems my legs prefer two days in between runs.

I have also noted that with all the running and walking I am doing, I am not losing any weight or inches at all, In fact, it actually feels like I am slowly gaining.  I am finding this very frustrating as I am eating very well, lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, etc.  

Although I walked today, I walked hard. I pumped my arms and took big long strides, well, as long a stride as my short little 4’11” frame will allow me to go.  I walked for about 48 minutes with a pace just over 9 minutes, not bad for walking I think.

I think I will give myself two days off before I get out there again, and before I do, I will reread my friends text reminding me to remember why I started.  

I need that motivation, thanks my friend. 


Today, I trail walked with my sister.  It was a welcome break from packing up her house.

She is going through a rough time right now as she and her husband are separating and moving in two weeks. My boys and I had spent the night with her last night, helping her pack,  organize boxes, and to clean up a few rooms.  It’s a big job, she has a large house, four kids, and lots of stuff. 

This morning, after coffee and cooking for kids, she suggested we go for a trail walk. She knew I was feeling disappointed that I didnt get out for my regular run yesterday and understands how important it is for me to keep up with my activity level as I can lose motivation very quickly. She is intuitive that way. 

She lives incredibly close to a very nice wooded trail so off we went. It was a beautiful walk, much cooler than yesterday, but I still found it challenging. We started off running at first, but I quickly ran out of breath, much sooner than I usually do. We thought it was due to us talking and running at the same time which I am not used to as I always run alone, and I dont talk to myself!  We walked for a bit then started to run again to which I was instructed not to talk.  Well, it’s impossible not to talk when my sister and I are together. We decided walking the trail was a better choice, not only because I was dying, but also because the trail is quite uneven and we wanted to stay injury free. 

We walked hard for about 30 minutes, I would have to have gone longer, but it was all I had time for today. 

This weekend I will spend another night with my sister, to help her finish up packing and such. Probably have a little wine and cry over what was and talk about what her new future will be like. In the morning, after coffee and cooking for kids, we will go for another walk, hopefully longer this time, fitting in our exercise and sister time.

Nothing could be better than that.

Have you ever

Poked yourself in the eye with a draconia plant?   I can now say that I have!  Just before I was to get ready for a run this morning, I decided to go out onto my deck to check the plants.  One of my pots gets a lot of sun and tends to dry out quicker than the other, so I thought it might be a good idea to rotate the pot a bit. As I was bending down over it to grab the sides, it happened. Omg the pain was intense and my eye instantly watered.  I couldn’t open it at all. It was about a half an hour before the watering stopped and I could open my eye.  If ever I needed an excuse to not run, this was it.

The culprit




It was several years ago that I had first heard about Olga Kotelko.  She was on the news as she was breaking world records for track and field in the Masters class of over 90 yr olds!  Olga started track and field at age 77. I watched her interview and marvelled at her dedication and determination to keep going, to keep moving, to keep competing.  Part of watching that made me feel inadequate as I was 50 something years younger than her, and very inactive at the time. The other part of me watched and felt that if she can do it at age 77, then I can do it too!  It was then that I decided that I was not going to sit idle anymore and to get as fit as I can for the body that I have. Who knows, maybe I’ll join track and field one day too?   Sadly, Olga passed away this year from a cranial hemorrhage.  RIP Olga, I hope you continue to inspire many others as you have me.

Olga in the news






Two years ago, I started to run again, after yet another several years of inactivity.  It was then that my boys decided they wanted to play football which found us at the field three times a week. Their practice field was held at the local athletic park which has a wonderful track.  At first, I just sat and watched them practice and talked with other moms.  I really enjoyed getting to know them, but sitting for two hours gets a little boring at times, especially if you’re the only mom at practice. I started walking the track, mainly to relieve some of the boredom and also to be alone with my thoughts. At the time, my father was battling Lung Cancer and not doing very well. I was providing a lot of the care for him and was stressed quite a bit. Walking was a good release for that. Sadly, my father passed away that summer.  I miss him every day.

When I first started walking the track, I could only walk about four laps before the pain in my hips told me to stop.  The next day after walking, my hips would really bother me, but ease up in time for next practice and my next walk.  I started to slowly add more laps and by the end of football season in November, I could walk two laps, run four laps and walk the last two laps – 2 miles!

Then winter came. I am not a fan of rain and cold weather, so got outside very little. We also had our house for sale and were moving in with my mother to help her out as she was now alone for the first time in her life.

By January, I started to notice the weight gain again and decided to join a running club with a coworker. It was a beginner 5k running program that met once a week. We were responsible for our two homework runs on our own.  I usually only got in one homework run per week, but sometimes both.  I never made it to 5k as I missed the last two classes and once again stopped running.  At this time we moved into our house we finished renovating. At the end of that summer, I tried running on my own again, but fell ill that winter which took months to recover it seemed.

I have always wanted to be fit, and have always tried to keep fit in some way. I have joined gyms that I never went to, ran while my boys rode their bikes, tried a restorative yoga class and even a learn to row program.  I would still like to learn yoga and row again, but for now, running is what I want to concentrate on.  Running is flexible, I don’t need to drive somewhere to participate in a class, I can fit it in when my schedule allows.  Last year or so, I posted on a health and fitness forum on about how much I hated running.  I loved how I felt afterward, but I really didnt like to actually run. I was finding motivation to get out at that time very difficult. The ladies there were awesome and I appreciate all the help and support they have given me.

It is now mid July, and I have started running once again this past April.  I was able to start with 2 minute intervals with 1 minute walking for about 3k.  By June, I graduated to 4k and now I am up to 5k in distance, but with some walk breaks still. I am now actually enjoying getting out for runs. I look forward to it and am upset when I can’t get out when I need to.  It feels awesome physically and emtionally.



5k to 50.  No, not 50k,  not $50,000,  not even $5,000 – but I’d take it!

50 is the age I will be that I plan on being fit and fabulous. That milestone birthday will happen November 2014, that’s only 4 1/2 months away!

I have started this blog to hopefully keep me accountable on reaching my goal as I am very inconsistent in my fitness routine.  Apparently I am just as inconsistent with with getting this blog started, as I have procrastinated, and have felt  apprehension of putting myself out here for all to see.  When I first contemplated writing  a blog, I was running two to three times a week, very slowly at first with timed interval training and had slowly worked up to 4k.

Now that I am finally writing about my progress, I have already reached my 5k goal. Although I am able to go the distance, it’s not without some walking throughout, so my new goal is to run an entire 5k without stopping. I know I will get there, I am determined to do so.

By the time I turn 50, I will have to set a new goal ( 10k perhaps? ) and probably change my blog name 🙂  I hope you’ll take the journey with me.